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As previously mentioned, the Yappermouse is an average optical mouse; in our testing it worked well enough for everyday PC applications, although gamers would no doubt be better served with a higher precision laser mouse such as the Logitech MX610. That's not the main selling point of the Yappermouse however. In the voice stakes the Yappermouse came up surprisingly well. That's not to say that it doesn't have its quirks, however.

If you're primarily interested in the Yappermouse as a speakerphone, you'll be well served. In our testing of voice quality, both incoming and outgoing were excellent, or at least as good as you can expect from a Skype call. This is admittedly surprising for a mouse-based speakerphone. It's not quite as loud -- or as multi-purpose -- as Netcomm's V35 speakerphone, but then it's not as expensive, and the V35 isn't a mouse, either.

It's when you switch into the handheld mode that the Yappermouse is a touch less appealing, for two primary reasons. Firstly, in our testing, the toggle between handheld and speakerphone modes didn't always switch to handheld mode, leading to excessive audio output and an ear temporarily illuminated in scarlet optical light. The second problem is more of a social one, but it's one you can thankfully test prior to purchasing a Yappermouse. If you're using a mouse to read this, pick it up and put it to your ear, and start talking. Do you feel a touch silly or self-conscious? We certainly did when testing the Yappermouse in public places, and given the pitch to travellers, it's something you'd either have to overcome or just grin and bear when using the mouse for calling purposes. Naturally, those amongst you who are exhibitionists or simply have a very low public embarrasment threshold won't see this as a problem at all.

It's also worth noting that the Yappernut site lists the Yappermouse at US$24.95; at current exchange rates that equates out to around AU$35. This makes the asking price of AU$89.95 a rather pricey alternative; if you're keen on the Yappermouse it'd be well worth shopping around in our opinion.

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