Yamaha MCR-E810

Yamaha's sophisticated micro system offers gloss and glamour, with flexible connection options allowing audiophiles room to experiment.

Ella Morton
Ella was an Associate Editor at CNET Australia.
Ella Morton
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You have to love a product that is touted in the press release as having "inherent classiness". Yamaha's tres elegant, not-bogan-like-those-other-micro-systems MCR-E810G does at least look good enough to live up to that immodest claim, with its surfaces having the same glossy finish as the company's grand pianos. A high-end stereo and progressive scan DVD player, the MCR-E810G delivers big audio from a small system.

The MCR-E810G sports some seriously slamming speakers for such a small set-up. Rated at 60 watts, they pack in a 5-inch driver and 1-inch dome tweeter each. If you own the complete works of Barry White, you'll be interested to know that the receiver includes a subwoofer output for bigger, better bass.

The MCR-E810G offers more connections than your standard micro hi-fi model, including component and composite video out, optical and coaxial digital out, S-Video, DVD in, MD/tape in/out and Aux in.

Also sizeable is the list of compatible formats, which includes DVD-Video, Video CD, Audio CD, MP3, JPEG, DivX and WMA.

Plugging in Yamaha's YDS-10 iPod dock allows you to hear songs from your iPod library through the system, and even charges the player while you rock out.

Those wanting an all-in-one micro system to chuck on the bedside table should look elsewhere -- this model is for serious audio enthusiasts, and the price tag reflects the target market.

A thousand clams seems a lot to lay down for a teeny set-up like this one, but the construction is solid, and we can't argue with that inherent classiness. The MCR-E810G is available now.