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XtremeMac TuffWrapz for iPod Shuffle 3 Color Pack

Yet another venture into the world of Shuffle cases (and the hip <i>z</i> plurality), XtremeMac introduces its line of seemingly bulletproof silicone covers that add a bit of color and a lot of protection to your device.

XtremeMac Tuffwrapz

XtremeMac's TuffWrapz ($24.95) are thick silicone iPod Shuffle covers with ribbed sides, so they're easy to hold. They have a cutout area for the dial but cover the rear switch with a much thinner layer of silicone so that you can still move it. We're unsure why the makers couldn't have covered the dial with the same thin silicone so that TuffWrapz would have provided full weather protection. However, we like that they come with matching covers for both the standard and lanyard caps. XtremeMac sells them in three-packs with three different colors in each. We looked at the Cobalt, Mist (clear), and Cherry assortment.

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