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XtremeMac SportWrap Armband for iPod Shuffle

The SportWrap by XtremeMac means well but ends up being too clunky and obtrusive to work well in the gym.

XtremeMac SportWrap

If the XtremeMac SportWrap ($29.95) were a movie, you'd call it overproduced. While it's a good sports case, it's quite a bit bigger than an iPod Shuffle case needs to be and doesn't have the appealing compactness that we like in the Shuffle and most Shuffle accessories. The SportWrap is made of neoprene and fits comfortably against an arm with the Velcro strap. The Shuffle resides in a clear plastic pouch, and since there are audio portholes at the top and bottom, the Shuffle can sit either right side up or upside down. A strap to the side of the pouch holds excess headphone cord, out of your way. The SportWrap feels more comfortable against your skin than the Apple Armband or the DLO Action Jacket, but it's too big a package to carry around while exercising. Color choices include black, red, blue, and yellow.

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