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XtremeMac Audio Kit for iPod Shuffle

XtremeMac's Audio kit comes with everything you need to set up a listening station in both your car and your home.

XtremeMac Audio Kit

The XtremeMac Audio Kit aims to be your one-stop solution to enjoying your iPod Shuffle at home or in the car. It comes with a cable for connecting your Shuffle to your home stereo's RCA jacks, as well as one for connecting it to small desktop speakers. There's also a headphone splitter (allowing two people to connect to the same Shuffle), a car charger that works from your car's cigarette lighter, and a cassette adapter for playing your music through your car's cassette player. The components all worked well in our testing, although we question the quality of the materials; the battery charger's cord started coming apart while we were first wrestling the piece out of its restrictive packaging. For 50 bucks, we expected better.

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