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The Good Video quality is reasonable; iPod, iPhone and iPad dock is good.

The Bad As aesthetically pleasing as the wrong end of a baboon; not that cheap.

The Bottom Line The Xtreamer iXtreamer isn't the most stylish media streamer we've ever seen, but the integrated iPod, iPhone and iPad dock is pretty cool. We also found the device easy to use, and had no major concerns about video quality.

7.5 Overall

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It seems it's become compulsory for media streamers to have ludicrous names. Even our favourite streaming devices, the Popcorn Hour models, have pretty stupid monikers. But nothing prepared us for the idiocy of the name Xtreamer iXtreamer. Nevertheless, if this media streamer and dock for the iPodiPhone and iPad offers decent performance, we'll forgive its preposterous appellation. It's available now for around £160 from Advanced MP3 Players and other vendors.

Hefty munter

The iXtreamer can accommodate an iPad, so it's not the smallest media player we've seen. In terms of width and depth, but not height, it's slightly larger than a Mac mini.

The device isn't exactly pretty either. That's unfortunate because it has a number of features that attract the eye. Among them is the sliding cover that conceals the dock functionality.

The iXtreamer's menu system is also fairly unique, featuring some sort of sea vessel, for a reason that's not entirely clear. The whole thing puts us in mind of that jumper with three wolves on that rose to prominence some time ago because of customer comments on Amazon.

Adding a hard drive

If you want to store video on the iXtreamer itself, you can add in a full-size desktop hard drive. We've added hard drives to quite a few media streamers in our time, but it's rarely been simpler than it was with the iXtreamer. We just plonked the drive into a hole on the right-hand side and that was it. The whole process took about 3 seconds and then the drive showed up in the list of available sources.

We're told that this streamer can accommodate up to a 3TB drive, which is plenty of storage space for a media player of this type. It could replace a network-attached storage device if you wanted to save on money and electricity, although we doubt its performance and reliability are a match for a dedicated NAS.

iOS compatible

The iXtreamer is slightly different to most streamers we've looked at so far. It can be used as a dock for any of Apple's iDevices, including the iPad. This means you can access photos, video and music stored on your Apple hardware.

Slap your iDevice in the dock and prepare to let the technological good times roll.

Accessing such content is achieved through a special, customised menu. We don't think Steve Jobs would approve of the menu's layout and design, but, functionally, it's fine and it won't waste your time. We used a fourth-generation iPod touch to test the dock, and were pleased with the results.

Simple streaming

Sometimes we have to work hard to make media streamers see our networked PCs. That wasn't the case with the iXtreamer. A quick browse of our corporate network and we located the media machine. Within a few minutes, we were able to stream video without any problems at all.

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