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Ximeta NetDisk Portable review: Ximeta NetDisk Portable

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The Good Superfast data transfer speed; simple setup and configuration; includes backup and restore software; inexpensive.

The Bad Software for backing up and restoring has limited features; no print server or media server capabilities; you'll need more than one drive to create a RAID array; limited phone support hours and toll call.

The Bottom Line If you need fast, basic network storage and backup/restore capability, the Ximeta NetDisk Portable is a good bet. If you also want media server capabilities, look elsewhere.

7.8 Overall
  • Setup 9
  • Features 7
  • Performance 9
  • Support 6
Editor's note: We originally reviewed the 160GB version of this product back in 2004. Ximeta released higher capacities this year, so we revisited the product to see if there were performance improvements. This review reflects our experiences with the latest release of the product. (11/3/06)

In recent months, network-attached storage has grown out of its simple role of data storage and backup and ventured into the realm of centralized multimedia storage, serving up that media to the various networked displays in your home or office. The Ximeta NetDisk Portable NDAS drive hearkens back to the data storage origins, with simple design and fast performance. It's not exactly a network-attached storage drive; in fact, Ximeta calls it a "network direct-attached storage" drive, or NDAS. For the user, this means easier setup and configuration, as well as lightning-fast performance. On the downside, it has fewer extra features than the latest NAS drives, such as the HP Media Vault or the Buffalo TeraStation Home Server; namely, it lacks print and media server capability. But you can still set up RAID 0 and RAID 1 arrays using multiple NetDisk drives. This drive is for the home user who wants basic, fast storage and backup and who doesn't need all the multimedia bells and whistles. At $370 for the 500GB version, it's not a bad deal, either.

The Ximeta NetDisk Portable's physical design is compact and simple. The silver-and-black body is lightweight, making it easy to stash in a laptop bag to take with you. Two LEDs adorn the top: one to display power and the other to show network activity. The back houses an on/off switch, a USB port, a power port, and an Ethernet port. The drive is available in several capacities: 160GB, 250GB, 400GB, and 500GB. We tested the 500GB version for this review.

Installing the drive is a simple task. If you want to use it on your network, just plug it into a LAN port on a network switch or your router, and power it on. Using the included CD, install the driver and the software. You'll be prompted to restart your PC, after which the Found Hardware wizard will pop up and instruct you on how to finish installation. To wrap up, you'll have to enter the drive ID and the write key (both are found on the bottom of the drive) to give your PC permission to write to the drive.

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