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Xbox 360 Wireless Controller w/Transforming D-Pad and Play and Charge Kit review: Xbox 360 Wireless Controller w/Transforming D-Pad and Play and Charge Kit

As for the new D-pad itself, it's quite an interesting design. The new D-pad can be used in two different ways, both of which can be accessed simply by twisting the circular section of the controller. The two "modes" are original (what we're all used to) and recessed. The latter drops the area surrounding the "plus" to open up more room for a definitive directional press. To be clear, the feeling of using the D-pad doesn't mirror the precise experience of, say, a DualShock 3 controller, but nevertheless it does perform as advertised.

In our testing of games where an accurate D-pad controller is imperative, we found that the new D-pad convincingly outperforms the current one. Calling in spy planes and care packages in Call of Duty: Black Ops went flawlessly, and using the pad to summon health potions in Fable III never accidentally triggered an unwanted spell.

When we tested the new D-pad with Xbox Live Arcade, we found titles like Mega Man 10 and Ultimate Mortal Kombat controlled very well. Performing special moves in Mortal Kombat proved easier--something the previous D-pad made a severe struggle.

While we can't say enough about how much we like the new Xbox 360 controller's overall design, we were a bit perplexed as to why the face buttons received a makeover as well. The Y, A, X, and B buttons all sport different shades of gray, departing from the standard yellow, green, blue, and red, respectively. Sure, we like the color scheme, but in practice these colors are occasionally used by developers in-game as an actual color-coordinated mechanism or just simply to aid in indicating their physical location. Most experienced Xbox 360 owners probably won't care either way, but for a newcomer to the system it may be confusing.

Also included with the new Xbox 360 controller is a black play-and-charge kit. We were a bit surprised to see this bundled in, especially considering it's the reason for the higher-than-normal $65 price tag. We didn't love the play-and-charge kit when it debuted along with the console in 2005, and since then the rise in better charging options has made it easy to forget. We really wish we could purchase the controller sans charge kit, but alas, they seem to be tethered indefinitely. We don't think it's fair for consumers to have to pay for an accessory they may not need just to acquire a hardware fix that should have been addressed from the get-go.

In summary, the Xbox 360 Wireless Controller with Transforming D-pad is a must-have for 360 gamers who demand a precise D-pad response. For those who have encountered frustrations using the existing controller, the new design seems to have eradicated the issue completely.

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