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X-mini's upgraded Infiniti S portable speaker storms CES 2018

Packing four drivers and as subwoofer, the Infiniti S makes its debut at CES to awe your ears.


The X-mini Infiniti S gets a modest upgrade with HDMI ARC support.


Like last year's X-mini Infiniti speaker, the new Infiniti S has four drivers and a subwoofer, but there are enough upgrades to keep it interesting.

The new version is lighter, sports a leather carrying strap and HDMI ARC to connect it to your TV to use as a soundbar. It costs $399, which converts to about £295 or AU$510.

The addition of HDMI ARC (Audio Return Channel) makes it easy to connect to a compatible TV. You just need an HDMI cable to hook it up. And because it's portable, you can bring the Infiniti S to a friend's place for parties. It'll go on sale sometime between July and September.

Quick specs

  • 360 degree surround sound
  • HDMI (ARC)
  • 4 drivers, 1 subwoofer

The new Evolve 2 headphones are also external speakers. 


Besides the Infiniti S, the Singapore-based company also showed off the new pair of Evolve 2 headphones, which are also external speakers. They come with memory-foam padding and quad bass drivers and cost $149 (about £110 or AU$190).

Other updated products include the Xoundbar W, which feature dual 36mm drivers for stereo sound and the tiny Kai X1 W, which comes with a camera mount for hooking it up to your bike. Both products are IPX7 waterproof, which means you can take them to the pool.

The Xoundbar W will retail for $46 (about £35 or AU$60), while the Kai X1 W is a tad more expensive at $55 (£40 or AU$70 converted). Along with the Evolve 2, they'll go on sale at some point between April and June.

Quick specs

Evolve 2 Xoundbar W Kai X1 W
Type Headphones Bluetooth speaker Bluetooth speaker
Drivers 4 x 40mm 2 x 36mm 50mm
Connectivity Bluetooth, AUX-in Bluetooth Bluetooth
Waterproof No Yes Yes
Weight 365g; 12.8oz 117g; 4.12oz 145g; 5.11oz

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