The V5US speaker is Wren's new flagship speaker which incorporates the capabilities of all three existing models -- V5AP, V5BT and V5PF -- plus forthcoming support for Spotify Connect with streaming directly from the Spotify app.

TheV5US speaker looks almost identical to the previous models with a real wood veneer and curving MDF cabinet. The main difference is the two new finishes: black Wenge and the bamboo-like Anigre.

The device offers Wi-Fi connectivity (for AirPlay, Spotify Connect and Play-Fi), Bluetooth, USB and a 3.5mm auxiliary port. There is no Ethernet port.

By incorporating all four technologies, the device is possibly the most agnostic on the market, but unfortunately you'll pay for the privilege. While the existing models retail for $249 to $299, the new version is twice that at $499.

If you're looking to get Spotify Connect and want the option of incorporating Play-Fi (best for streaming PC audio), then the V5PF at $299 is potentially a much better deal.

Look for a full review of the V5US very soon.

Updated, 9:43 p.m. PT:Wren advises that the existing models are being phased out and these will soon relaunch with new pricing between $379 and $399. Though there are no new details on what the differences will be, if you want the cheaper prices you should get in quick.