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Wowee One Power Bass Portable Speaker review: Wowee One Classic Portable Speaker

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Wowee calls the tech Gel Audio, presumably after the soft, slightly tacky surface that's on the bottom, to provide grip. There's not enough grip, though; we found that during particularly bassy sounds, the speaker would vibrate and move, requiring us to put something on top to hold it down, and, after a while, quite a bit of muck had attached itself to the surface. You can get new adhesive material, if you desire, but, of course, it will cost you — AU$14.95 for a pack of five.

Audio is piped in via a 3.5mm line-in jack, while the battery inside is charged over USB, which lasted for around 5.5 hours of music playback in our tests.

In the US, it'll set you back US$59.95, placing it comfortably in the impulse-buy category. It's a bit of a shock, then, that the Australian price is AU$99.95. The dollar might be declining (at US$0.9777 at the time of writing), but we're not back in the US$0.65 days by a long shot, so the huge mark-up is a bitter pill to swallow.

The Wowee One Power Bass portable speaker does as promised: adds more bass to your sound, by putting it on a surface. Its target market is limited, but for its niche, it does quite well.

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