WordPerfect Office X3 review: WordPerfect Office X3

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WordPerfect X3 can import and edit Adobe Acrobat (PDF).

What's new in Corel WordPerfect X3? For starters, Quattro Pro can now export PDF files. By comparison, in the previous edition of the suite, only WordPerfect and Presentation could create Acrobat documents. More intriguing, though, is the PDF-editing feature. WordPerfect X3 is the first office suite that lets you import an Acrobat file, edit its contents, and resave the file as a PDF or another format. By comparison, Microsoft hasn't yet offered PDF export, although it plans to do so in the Office 12 suite, expected to be released later this year.

Unfortunately, WordPerfect sometimes does a poor job of retaining the original PDF's formatting. Note how this converted PDF barely resembles the PDF in the previous image.

Alas, the new PDF-editing feature is far from perfect. In our tests, WordPerfect had problems converting highly formatted documents that contained several images. In fact, it often butchered the document's design and formatting. Corel officials acknowledge these shortcomings and report that X3's PDF editing is best for long text documents. Indeed, we had better luck converting PDFs that were mostly text.

Dozens of small improvements are scattered throughout the suite, but WordPerfect gets most of X3's marquee upgrades. One handy addition: Yahoo search capabilities are embedded within the word processor. You now can highlight text in a WordPerfect document and select Search With Yahoo from the right-click menu, and Web search results appear in a browser window. Yahoo also adds a toolbar to WordPerfect, but you can easily remove it via the View menu.

Another helpful new tool gives you the ability to strip formatting (again via a right-click menu) from text copied from Web pages before pasting it in a WordPerfect document. If you've ever pasted oddly formatted text from a Web site and had it seriously mess up your document, you can appreciate this seemingly simple upgrade. Another simple tweak, which lawyers, business executives, politicians, and public relations experts will appreciate, is Save Without Metadata. This menu option lets you save documents without the comments, undo history, reviewers' notes, and other confidential and potentially embarrassing text often hidden inside a file.

Corel WordPerfect Office X3 users get free, unlimited e-mail support, and Corel promises a 24-hour response time. Unfortunately, phone support is costly: $25 per incident; a trio of incidents costs $70, and a five-pack is $100. A range of other plans is available for businesses. Corel's online knowledge base provides comprehensive details on WordPerfect Office. WordPerfect X3's training videos are helpful for newcomers, but they're difficult to access on the CD. For instance, after loading the training disc, a folder appeared onscreen. Due to the bad interface design, we had to click several icons before finding one that launched the videos.