Brian Bennett/CNET

Go way beyond the typical bathroom scale with the new Withings Smart Body Analyzer. This fitness gadget not only measures your weight, it also calculates the amount of fat you're saddled with, plus keeps tabs on your heart rate.

The Body Analyzer, which goes on sale March 20 for $149.95, even sniffs the air for carbon dioxide levels in an effort to monitor ambient air quality. Another indication of the product's intelligence is that it can sync wirelessly with mobile devices via Bluetooth 4.0 and Wi-Fi.

When it's paired with the Withings Health Mate app, owners of the Smart Body Analyzer can also view measured data in one handy location, right on their smartphone. With these capabilities, Withings demonstrates its willingness to compete in the growing smart-scale market made even more popular by companies such as Fitbit and now Samsung.

For more information about how the Withings Smart Body Analyzer works take a look at our video filmed when we saw the device firsthand at CES 2013.

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Editors' note, March 20, 2013: Updated with pricing and availability information.