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Winamp for Android review: Adequate, not outstanding

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The Good Winamp for Android offers crisp sound quality and simple playback controls. The Wi-Fi sync feature is convenient, so long as your connection doesn't get interrupted.

The Bad The interface is depressingly unattractive, and the Wi-Fi sync feature needs improvement.

The Bottom Line If its Wi-Fi sync feature were better designed and more reliable, Winamp would be a worthwhile download. As it stands, it's just a good music player that is not particularly impressive.


7.9 Overall
  • Setup 9
  • Features 8
  • Interface 7
  • Performance 8

Some may remember the name Winamp from the late '90s, back when AOL chat rooms and 56K modems were all the rage. Well today, the Nullsoft-made media player lives on, and it is now available for use on Android devices, as well as on Windows and Mac machines. Of course, it has since been updated.

Winamp for Android offers an adequate, though not particularly outstanding, alternative to the stock music player on your mobile device. It is outfitted with standard music playback controls, including Shuffle and Repeat, and it lets you create playlists with your favorite tracks. Just as many other players do, Winamp lets you browse your music by Artist, Album, Genre, or Song Title, and it can generate links to artists' bios, related news, discographies, and other information.

Visually, Winamp is drab and unimpressive, but when it comes to playback, it is reliable and offers sufficiently crisp sound quality.

Visually, Winamp is sort of a downer. Screenshot by Jaymar Cabebe/CNET

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