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WildCharger with Nokia 2mm tip universal adapter review: WildCharger with Nokia 2mm tip universal adapter

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The Good The WildCharger is compatible with a variety of phones and it can charge several handsets at once. It goes without saying that it's a novel product.

The Bad The WildCharger is rather bulky, and extra adapters are somewhat expensive.

The Bottom Line The WildCharger is an innovative and effective product. But unless you're charging more than one phone at once, it's not a practical purchase.

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8.0 Overall
  • Design 8
  • Features 8
  • Performance 8

When we reviewed the original WildCharger more than a year ago, our biggest complaint was that it only accommodated the Motorola Razr V3. WildCharge (the device's manufacturer) promised support for more phones in the future, which is why we were glad to learn earlier this month that the company came through. Thanks to a universal adapter with changeable tips, you can use the WildCharger with a wide variety of phones from almost all major manufactures.

Besides increasing the product's range, the universal adapter also gives us a more compelling reason to buy the WildCharger. Charging one device wirelessly is certainly nifty, though we couldn't see buying the product when you have a perfectly good cell phone charger already. But if you can charge multiple devices at once, as you can with the excellent Callpod Chargepod, then that makes for a useful product. You can buy the WildCharger and an adapter for a bundle price of $79. The charger alone is $49 and extra adapters are $39 each.

The WildCharger's adapter fits securely to your phone.

The basic design of the WildCharger is unchanged. It's a bit bulky, but it can lie flat in a suitcase for long travels. The primary parts are the shiny silver mat and the AC adapter that you plug into an electrical outlet. The universal adapter attaches to the back side of your phone with an adhesive circle that can be removed. Sticking out at one end is an arm with the charging tip; just wrap the arm to your charging port and insert the connecter. The tip attaches to the arm magnetically so you can swivel it around if you need to make it fit. You'll also be able to change the tip according to your phone's make.

To charge the phone, just place adapter and phone on the charging pad. The adapter has four tiny bumps on its rear side that attach to the pad magnetically. It's pretty secure so the phone should stay affixed to the pad even if you shake it around. You'll just need to remember to not place the pad on a metal surface or it won't work.

We tried charging a nearly drained Nokia 5300 Xpress Music. We got a full charge in about an hour and a half, which is quite respectable. Like with our previous WildCharger review, the phone grew pretty hot during the charging process, but it wasn't alarming. As the WildCharger outputs 15 watts of power, WildCharge says you can charge as many devices that can fit on the pad. Unfortunately, we had only one adapter so we didn't get to put it to heavy use.

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