WiFi-Tech WTAP2400 review: WiFi-Tech WTAP2400

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The Good Small size.

The Bad Average performance. Overpriced. 802.11b/g only.

The Bottom Line The WTAP2400 works well enough as a basic wireless access point -- with an accent on the basic.

5.0 Overall

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The WTAP2400 is an 802.11b/g access point with a rather plain design. If you've been around PC networking gear for a while, you may find (as we did) that it's somewhat reminiscent of the designs that Banksia used to use for their 56k modems; lots of beige plastic broken up with a main aqua display panel. It's not a horrible design, and it does have the benefit of being remarkably small -- 125x80x30mm -- and with its role as an access point in mind, it's also wall mountable. Plenty of access points and routers offer wall mountability, but most stick out badly thanks to their large size -- not the case for the WTAP2400.

Visual controls and ports are at a minimum on the WTAP2400, with a single power, WLAN and LAN light on the front, and power, reset, 10/100 ethernet and a standard SMA antennae connector on the rear. WiFiTech also sell a variety of higher-power antennae, and these would be suitable for use on the WTAP2400.

It's important to note that the WTAP2400 is a wireless access point, not a wireless gateway -- you'll still need an interface between your broadband connection and the WTAP2400. Given the teeming mass of combination gateway/routers in the marketplace, it's fair to argue that the primary case for buying the WTAP2400 is as a range extension device for an existing wireless network, especially given the paucity of wired network ports on the device.

The WTAP2400 supports working in access point or station mode, and with the usual offerings for wireless security that we'd expect out of a modern wireless access point, including WEP, WPA RADIUS and WPA-PSK.

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