Where's My Water 2 for iOS review: A great sequel ruined by wait times

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The Good Where's My Water 2 has more than 100 levels, new challenges, and new game types with the same great puzzle gameplay from the original.

The Bad The freemium model makes you either continuously pay to play, bug your Facebook friends, or wait for long periods of time before you can play again.

The Bottom Line Where's My Water 2 is a fun sequel that is sadly overshadowed by a brutal freemium model that makes it impossible for me to recommend it to anyone.

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Where's My Water 2 brings more of the same great puzzle gameplay from the original Where's My Water, along with new challenges, themed ducks to collect through achievements, and more than 100 levels to solve, but there is one huge problem. The freemium model requires that you connect with Facebook and bug your friends (if you have friends playing the game) to give you more energy to keep playing. Otherwise, you'll be forced to wait longer and longer amounts of time to replenish your energy or pay real money for energy refills. For the freemium model alone, I can't recommend this game.

Let's just talk about gameplay
Instead of making this a rant, I'm going to ignore the freemium model for a few moments to talk about the good points of the game. Just like the first game, the object is to divert liquids (or steam) to the main character of the level. Swampy, the alligator star of the first game is back and still loves to take baths with the water you supply. You'll also help Allie, a female alligator who needs steam to play her steam-powered organ, and Cranky, an alligator who needs you to clean the algae from his food with purple water. As you cut through the dirt with your finger to provide the liquid a pathway to the goal, you'll also want to pass through the three rubber duckies to get a perfect score. This accomplishment in the game is referred to as "tri-ducking."

New challenges and game types
To add some variation in this sequel, there are now added challenges on each level as well as new game types to play through. When you finish a level, you'll unlock additional challenge modes, such as playing the same level upside down, or specific requirements for the level, like avoiding all the rubber ducks instead of passing through them. I really like these new twists on the gameplay and enjoyed the new challenges.

Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET

A new game type called Duck Rush requires that you keep your water on the screen as you cut dirt downward while the level scrolls automatically. If your water scrolls off the top of the screen, you'll have to start over. In Duck Rush levels, you'll need to pass water through six rubber ducks in order to get a perfect score. Duck Rush is a great addition to the game, but be ready to retry these levels because they can be quite challenging.

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