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Listening to some well-recorded and nicely rhythmic material, such as Elbow's latest album Build a Rocket Boys, the Whatmoughs impress. The bass, sans subwoofer, packs a reasonable punch and is fast, tight and with good dynamic projection. Guy Garvey's vocals have just the right amount of Northern England inflection and the album's whole presentation is one of ample atmosphere and presence.

We liked what we heard with a wide range of music, from dub reggae to The Carpenters as well as big orchestral classical works and delicate piano concertos. Musically, the Whatmoughs are good all-rounders, which isn't always the case with many AV loudspeaker systems.

Surround performance

Adding the remaining speakers into the mix for movie use, the Whatmoughs' musical ability translates well to 5.1-channel use. Movie sound is cohesive and well steered by the AV7 as a collective. Importantly, the centre speaker handles dialogue and other centrally placed effects impressively; ensuring voices are projected clearly and powerfully, with good dispersion too. It ensures a solid sonic bridge between the front trio and is kingpin in achieving an even multichannel balance.

The stocky Tornado2 subwoofer is capable of a certain amount of audio destruction — we were pounded into submission by the U-571 depth charge explosive sequence and things were definitely quaking as the tripod emerges from the street scene in Spielberg's War of the Worlds. We were able to push it and the entire system pretty hard before any sign of complaint. Like any surround speaker system, there's a dynamic limit but in the AV7's case, it's got a pretty high decibel tolerance level.

We'd have liked some more diffusion from the rear though — which is usually the case when using a conventional two-way speaker as surround effects. A dipole or bipole design always works better in this role, but having said that there was no mistaking that we were in the heart of the action with big sounding scenes such as the construction site chase scene in Casino Royale.


Available for a tad over AU$2000 there's no denying the value for money this surround speaker system represents. With movie use, it's plentifully powerful with big bass extension and delivers bags of drama. With a softer side, the Whatmoughs will gladly act as seducers in a stereo role too. Cosmetically, they're a bit bland in black, but if the sonics are more important than the visuals, this is a belter of a surround sound speaker system.

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