Vodafone 360 Samsung M1 review: Vodafone 360 Samsung M1

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The Good Responsive touchscreen; good social-networking features; fairly low price tag.

The Bad Buggy software; your friends need to be on 360 to make the most of the service.

The Bottom Line The Vodafone 360 Samsung M1 is a stylish touchscreen phone with an interesting user interface that's focused on social networking. It's currently let down by its buggy software, though, so we'd advise those thinking of investing in the M1 to hold off until Vodafone sorts out the problems

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5.5 Overall

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Like the Vodafone 360 Samsung H1, the Vodafone 360 Samsung M1 is built from the ground up to work with the company's 360 social-networking service. But the M1 is a much more affordable option. It's currently available for free on a £15-per-month, 2-year contract.

Plenty handsome
The M1 isn't quite as handsome a handset as the more expensive H1, but it's still a fine-looking phone. The front is finished in glossy black, while the curved battery cover on the rear has a more matte look. The majority of the front of the handset is given over to the large, 81mm (3.2-inch) display, but, beneath this, Vodafone has added physical buttons that act as shortcuts to the dialler, 360 contacts book and applications menu.

The M1 sports a traditional TFT LCD display, rather than the OLED one found on the H1, but the screen does employ capacitive technology, as does the iPhone's, so it's impressively responsive to finger swipes. While the resolution is also lower than that of the H1's screen, it's still respectable, at 240x400 pixels.

Come full circle
The M1 differs from most mobiles in the way that Vodafone has integrated the 360 system into the phone's user interface. Rather than a traditional home screen covered in alerts and icons, the phone's interface is built around the 360 contacts book. This presents you with a 3D, floating view of your contacts in which their Facebook status is shown next to their picture.

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