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Vizio's inexpensive 70-inch LED TV

Vizio's 70-inch LED TV supposedly has improved picture quality compared with its 60-inch brother.

Quick Take

CNET did not review the bargain-price Vizio E701i-A3, but we did review the nearly identical 60-inch version, the E601i-A3.

Vizio has told us that it has improved the picture quality on the 70-incher compared with its 60-inch brother. To test that claim, we will be reviewing the 70-inch version as soon as possible.

Normally with a series of TVs from a single manufacturer that are the same in specifications but different in size, we review one of the sizes hands-on and apply the review to all of them (here's why). When I posted the original review of Vizio's E1i-A3 series that's exactly what I did, applying the review of the 60-incher to the 70-inch size as well, because Vizio claimed the two had nearly identical picture quality. Recently the company changed that claim, however, so I'm removing the review from the 70-inch size until I can test it.

In the meantime you can check out the full review of the 60-inch Vizio E601i-A3.

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