LAS VEGAS--One of last year's more interesting entries into the PC arena was Vizio. The company, best known for making inexpensive televisions, jumped headfirst into the computer business, releasing a handful of laptopsand all-in-one desktops, right at the height of ultrabook mania.

We generally liked a lot about those first-generation laptops, but they felt a lot like first-generation products. The design was sharp, but some features were missing, and the keyboard and touch pad were lacking.

The second generation of Vizio laptops is here, highlighted by the 14-inch CT14T. It looks nearly identical to last year's CT14, but adds a touch screen -- an important feature practically required for Windows 8.

The new CT14T has a 1,600x900-pixel display, and there are two models. The CT14T-B0 goes with AMD, rather than Intel for its CPU, using a 2.3GHz AMD A10 4657M processor, while the CT14T-B1 will have an IntelCore i7. The rest of the specs are standard for ultrabooks, with a 128GB SSD and 8GB of RAM.


Along with the two 14-inch models, Vizio also has a refreshed 15-inch laptop, also with a touch screen, and AMD/Intel variants and 24- and 27-inch all-in-one models, which seem to be identical to last year's versions, with the addition of the touch screen.

All should be available in February, but prices have not been announced yet.