Vita Audio R2i review: Vita Audio R2i

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The Good Sounds greatVery stylishIntegrates brilliantly with iPhones and iPodsComprehensive array of functions.

The Bad Remote is temperamental and flimsyWhere are you supposed to put the dock's removable dust cover?.

The Bottom Line The Vita Audio R2i is a cracking speaker unit, with mostly clear audio and great volume range, with enough functions to make it your default all-in-one audio solution. It's an ideal unit for a mid-sized living space.

8.9 Overall

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The mid-sized R2i is a handsome unit indeed. It has a low, compact shape, with an iPod dock and control knob and buttons on the top, leaving its front face clean and uncluttered.

Set in the brushed metal front, you'll find two speaker grilles, an LCD, a power button, a 3.5mm audio jack and aux-in for non-Apple MP3 players — you'll find gold-plated phono sockets on the back for connecting an external recording unit, or TV or computer.

Our review unit was housed in a classic walnut veneer chassis, but it's also available in high-gloss Dream White or Midnight Black.

On the back is where you screw in the aerial, which means it might be difficult to use the R2i as a radio player if you have it placed on a bookcase.

It also comes with a little plastic remote, which, in sharp contrast to the speaker itself, feels cheap and flimsy, made of light plastic with blister buttons.


The R2i really is a bit of a jill of all trades. It has the aforementioned iPhone/iPod dock, of course, which fits all generations of iPod from 2004 — we tested it with the 2005 iPod Video, the 2010 iPod Touch and the 2011 iPhone 4G, and all worked perfectly.

In addition is its ability to function as a speaker for all MP3 players via the front aux-in, which we tested with the Creative Zen X-Fi Style.

It also functions as a DAB, DAB+ and FM radio; it can be plugged in to your telly or computer for a sound boost; can be plugged into an external recording system or amplifier; and it can even operate as an alarm clock radio.


The Vita Audio R2i is very user-friendly; we found set-up a snap in the first instance, with just a power cable and aerial to be attached before it was ready to go — and, in fact, had already homed in on a DAB+ station, so we were greeted by the startlingly loud dulcet duet of Simon & Garfunkel when we pushed the power button.

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