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Veho Mimi Qube WiFi speaker system review: Veho Mimi Qube Wi-Fi speaker system

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The Good Decent sound for the size. Incredibly easy to set up. Multiple units can be added.

The Bad Price is far too high locally.

The Bottom Line We quite like the Mimi Qube, but can't justify the huge markup on it. If you want one, best to import it.

Visit for details.

7.0 Overall

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Veho's Mimi Qube is a stereo speaker set, roughly the size of an apple. With a power button and volume controls on top, it's a compact unit that accepts playing from 3.5mm line in, or via the included 2.4GHz wireless dongle. You'll need a full-sized USB port to use it, and in our tests we found no drivers were required, nor was any syncing regime — we simply plugged in the dongle, and the unit began acting as the speaker for the computer. If you find that the Wi-Fi channel you're using has a lot of interference, you can adjust it using buttons on the dongle.

Charging is done via USB cable, and we found the Mimi lasted around eight hours of continuous playback — one of the rare instances when manufacturer claims meet reality. We had to set volume to around 75 per cent to prevent distortion, but volume and clarity was otherwise respectable for speakers of this size. Through a closed door, we found the Mimi had a range of around 15 metres in a fairly heavily crowded Wi-Fi environment, at which point sound would start dropping out. Similar behaviour occurs when the battery starts running low.

The appeal of the Qube isn't just its portable wireless nature, but rather that you can just keep adding Qubes to the system, allowing you to play music all around the house if you have a strong enough signal.

The big thing that hurts is the price — it's definitely not worth the AU$149.95 RRP that's been placed on it, or even the AU$125 that JB Hi-Fi is selling it at. Especially not when the US SRP is US$69.95.

We quite like the Mimi Qube, but can't justify the huge mark-up on it. If you want one, best to import it.

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