We haven't quite seen an iPad case like the pivoting, swiveling Zerochroma Vario iPad case. A plastic turtlesque shell, the Vario case snaps over the iPad to offer basic protection of the sides and back, with slightly rubberized pads reinforcing the corners. The marquee feature is the large circle that swivels 360 degrees and its central, T-shaped kickstand. The pop-out mechanism clicks into place along notched grooves, resulting in 16 angles for you to adjust the iPad stand for optimal viewing depending on your angle.

A rubberized tip keeps the Vario sturdy, but unless you're flying solo in the comfort of your own home, prepare to attract some nasty glares every time you fiddle with the angles: the kickstand sounds like the worst kind of ratchet. Although the stand's two hinges seem sturdy enough, we're not sure how those internal plastic notches themselves will hold up over time. A 120-day warranty will cover normal wear and tear. The case's price is rather steep at $69.95 for a shell that does little more than stand the iPad upright or on its side, but cases aren't cheap, and this one does its job for heavy iPad entertainment viewers.