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UpWord Notes review: Gestures make note taking fast and fun

Managing your notes

When you're finished making a list, the buttons at the top give you a number of options. For example, tapping the alarm icon lets you set a reminder. Much like in Mailbox, you can select either a specific time for the alarm or a more general time frame such as "Tomorrow" or "Next week."

Naturally, the Share icon lets you share your list to Twitter or Facebook or via e-mail or SMS. And if you've enabled Dropbox syncing, you can share your list over Dropbox, as well. Sharing a Dropbox link is sometimes the best (or only) way to get a document to someone for a quick edit session. In addition to sharing, the benefit of using Dropbox, over say iCloud as the iOS Notes app does (by default, with the other options being Yahoo! or Google), is that it can be accessed on nearly any platform, where iCloud is Apple specific. As I mentioned, the formatting does not export when accessed on through another app, but there is a workaround. Instead, the app adds an Emoji check mark at the end to show the task is complete.

In UpWord Notes, the Options icon gives you a drop-down menu with commands for undo, search, word count, delete, and mark as favorite. The word count is a welcome feature for writers, and one that I've longed for in the past with other word processing and note taking apps on iOS. The ability to select favorite notes is also handy.

One thing the app is missing is the ability to embed a photo within a particular note. The benefit is the user will be able to remember what to get at the grocery store, for example, or a business card of someone waiting for an e-mail. It's true that Apple's Notes app doesn't have this feature either, but I think it would be an improvement that gives you another reason to make the switch to UpWord Notes.

The little things

Even though it lacks some features I would like to see, I can tell that the developers put extra thought into UpWord Notes. Adding something as simple as the ability to search not only the title, but the content inside your notes from the app's home screen are particularity invaluable. I can't tell you how many times I have created a task list or note, only to forget what it was called, or where I stored it.

I also like that you can set up the app to skip the start screen and open a blank note when you launch the app. While it's not a huge feature, it's a really nice touch because it ensures you can jot down an idea right away while it's still fresh in your mind.


The more I use UpWord Notes, the more I find myself creating notes and lists with it. I have tried other Reminders-style apps in the past, but none have kept my interest for long mostly because I hate the process of entering a reminder, selecting a priority level, and filling out all the various fields.

UpWord Notes eliminates the fuss and clutter of traditional reminders app, providing only a blank screen so you can start writing immediately. The gestures and highlight features make it easy to prioritize a list, and the crossout gesture is great for marking items as complete. To tie it all together, Categories make it easy to group similar notes and give UpWord Notes a clear organizational edge over Apple's Notes app.

Overall, while it's not perfect, there is a lot to like with UpWord Notes, and it definitely adds a little more flair and functionality over Apple's offering.

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