Uniden UDC-7M review: Uniden UDC-7M

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The Good Affordable. Simple operation. Good battery life.

The Bad Cheap build quality. Poor image quality. No included accessories.

The Bottom Line The UDC-7M is an entry level snapshooter that offers ease of use and long battery life for a low price but is let down by sub-par photo quality.

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6.7 Overall

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Probably better known for manufacturing cordless phones and other wireless products, Uniden has extended its product group to include a vast range of consumer electronics, including digital cameras. Offering a 5- and 7-megapixel model, both with 2.5-inch LCD and 3x optical zoom, we chose the latter to put through its paces.

The Uniden UDC-7M is a compact, yet boxy snapshooter with a plain design. Measuring 55.5mm by 91mm by 21.1mm (H x W x D) and weighing 120 grams (without battery or memory card) it is small and light enough to compete with many other digital compacts in size, if not in flair. The UDC-7M is quite sturdy and robust, though it is made of plastic, giving it a fairly cheap look.

Available in four colours (silver, black, red and blue) with silver contrasting, the UDC-7M sticks to the basics with a somewhat industrial look achieved by a circular imprint and faux rivets positioned next to the lens, almost as if to balance the design. Along the top are the shutter and the power buttons. While its handy to be able to hold the camera with one hand, turn it on and shoot with a quick move of your finger, there is the potential hazard of turning off the unit when going to take a shot, and vice versa.

The left side of the unit houses the DC input and AV output while the right side is shared by the memory card slot and battery compartment. The layout on the back of the camera is also fairly standard with the 2.5-inch LCD taking pride of place, leaving just enough room for controls to run down the right-hand side. As with many snapshooters, there is no optical viewfinder. Zoom controls sit on the top right, above a dedicated play button for reviewing your shots and playing back video. A four-way directional pad manages the flash, timer, movie controls and scene modes. More dedicated buttons sit below, one for the menu system and another for trash. A standard tripod mount is built into the bottom of the unit.

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