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Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review: Stop me if you've seen this before

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The Lost Legacy even dabbles in areas that Uncharted games haven't before, introducing a lock-picking mechanic and some light open world objectives, even if they are optional.

To call The Lost Legacy visually striking would be an understatement. It looks just as good as Uncharted 4, with what feels like even more jaw-dropping scenery to gawk at. It's actually becoming a bit laughable. Uncharted 4 and now The Lost Legacy both suffer from a kind of beauty fatigue, where each consecutive reveal of a breathtaking vista seems to lose its novelty the more you're continually exposed to them. But these are good problems, right?

The Lost Legacy's 10-hour campaign left me with mixed feelings. It's a separate entry into the game's lore, but doesn't really use the opportunity to distance itself. The stars of the game prove to be a compelling pair. Watching them unpack their volatile relationship in between gun fights and rock climbing is some of the best drama the series has ever achieved. But, alas, The Lost Legacy is not much of a substantive departure from Nathan Drake's last adventure.

Naughty Dog

For someone who enjoyed their time with Uncharted 4, it's tough to imagine them not having fun with The Lost Legacy. But when it was all said and done, I was thrilled to not have to begrudgingly complete another picture puzzle or turn another crank.

Naughty Dog has all but perfected the Uncharted formula, but I'm going to need a longer break this time around.

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