Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review: Stop me if you've seen this before

The Good Uncharted: The Lost Legacy is a meaty, satisfying expansion to the Uncharted canon that delivers another highly-produced title. It features a welcome change of personnel that provides new perspectives from characters in the franchise and it's priced right at $40 (roughly £30 or AU$50).

The Bad Uncharted fans may suffer from a bit of overkill, as there's not much difference in terms of gameplay that would separate it from other games in the series.

The Bottom Line With the exception of a cast change, The Lost Legacy ultimately delivers more of the same for Uncharted fans.

There's no way around it, The Lost Legacy can feel really redundant at times, occasionally within its own campaign, and certainly compared to the rest of the Uncharted franchise. And the fact that there are only roughly 15 months between Uncharted 4's release and The Lost Legacy makes it's tough to separate some of the scenes from others.

The development time for The Lost Legacy was incredibly (and impressively) quick, but that speedy turnaround actually works against it in the interest of standing on its own. For all intents and purposes, this is more like "Uncharted 4.5."

Still, that's not necessarily a bad thing.

Naughty Dog

Ultimately, that's really the only thing worth complaining about when it comes to The Lost Legacy. We're getting more Uncharted in way less time than anyone would have originally thought -- and if you were begging for more after Uncharted 4's credits rolled, odds are you'll enjoy the ride that The Lost Legacy has to offer.

The game is a $40 (roughly £30 or AU$50) "story expansion" to the Uncharted universe and takes place soon after the events that transpired in Uncharted 4. But this time around you're in control of Chloe Frazer, as she and Nadine Ross attempt to recover The Tusk of Ganesha in the remote mountains of India. It's a much-needed change of personnel for the series, and players will also be treated to a pair of standout performances from voice actors Claudia Black and Laura Bailey.

So while this isn't a "full price" Uncharted, there's hardly any evidence that it's somehow inferior. The game is long, satisfying and packed with the staples you'd expect from any entry in the series. It also didn't seem to drag the way Uncharted 4 occasionally did.

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