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You need to string together combos if you want to take them down quickly, otherwise it doesn't work out too well. The weapons at your disposal include pistols, shotguns, sub-machineguns, automatic rifles, rock-propelled grenade launchers, and sniper rifles. You can only carry a small weapon like a pistol or Uzi and a two-handed one, like a shotgun or an AK-47, at any one time. Using grenades is slightly gimmicky with the Sixaxis feature used to the throw the grenade closer or further away. And to mix it up a bit there are also sequences where you control a jet ski down a treacherous river, having to juggle between shooting enemies and avoiding exploding barrels.

Uncharted has a rewards system which is quite similar to Xbox 360's achievement system. Scoring yourself 100 headshots, killing 50 enemies without dying and the like will reward you with Medal Points. Earning medal points will unlock various goodies, such as new character models for Nathan, small game rendering options changes (like black and white), and various behind the scenes and making of videos, while larger amounts of points will unlock infinite ammunition and one-shot kill features. Also found throughout Uncharted are pieces of treasure which also reward medal points after a certain amount is collected.

Hand-to-hand combat while being gritty, doesn't come into use a whole lot.

What impressed us most was the amazing visual effects and presentation that Uncharted delivered. The PlayStation 3 has needed a game like this to really show the capabilities of what it can do. It's also a big bonus not having any load times between stages and deaths. Uncharted creates great artistic environments which will have you simply admiring your surroundings. The jungle and temple environments are lush and incredibly detailed, dense with foliage which will part aside when you move through. Light breaking through the moving trees and shadows cast really give a sense of a world that is alive around you. Character motions are also incredibly well done. When hiding behind a pillar and being closely shot at, Nathan will cover his head. And when running down stairs he will run on a slight angle one step at a time. Crisping it up even more is the cinematic storytelling between stages which build on the characters a little each time backed by some solid voice acting.

An excellent blend of adventure platforming and intense third-person shooter fire-fights makes Uncharted: Drake's Fortune a must have for any action-adventure or shooter fan.

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