uDraw Dood's Big Adventure review: uDraw Dood's Big Adventure

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The Good Allows creative colouring in of enemies Non-violent. There's no way to "die" for younger players.

The Bad Mini games are uninspired Colouring things in well is very difficult. Pen Panic game requires precision — which is what the stylus lacks.

The Bottom Line With 60 levels, Dood's Adventure certainly is big. It's a crying shame, though, that it's not very good.

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5.3 Overall

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Giving your title character a name such as "Dood" doesn't do much to infuse them with personality, but then that's the point of Dood's Big Adventure. Dood is quite literally a blank slate, a character that can be drawn upon using the uDraw tablet, which is a mandatory accessory for this particular game. Once Dood's been drawn on, he can launch into a variety of mini-games. As you play through each mini-game, you earn stars which can be used to buy new skins and unlock new game maps.

Dood's Big Adventure offers up four mini-games. In Pen Panic, you guide Dood through a simple platform game, nudging him where to go, building bouncy jump platforms with the stylus and hurling ink at enemies. Roly Poly is an odd Super Monkey Ball-style game that puts Dood in a sphere, but doesn't use the uDraw stylus or pen at all, instead getting you to tilt the whole uDraw apparatus to move Dood around. In other words, it may as well not require the uDraw tablet at all.

Bubble Trouble externally has the same idea as Roly Poly — Dood is once again trapped inside a bubble — but instead of tilting, you draw where the bubble should float through the air. Hit anything and the bubble bursts, costing Dood valuable bonus time. Like the rest of the mini-games, it's not possible to die or fail the level; you just get fewer points for doing so.

The final game, Fan Frenzy, uses the same floating through the air mechanic as Bubble Trouble, but instead of drawing where you want Dood to go, you blow him with a stylus controlled fan and can hit the edges of things. It's not a bad mini-game, but against two other games with a similar bubble theme, it also doesn't stand out a whole lot.

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