Tylt Energi 10K review: Power to spare, and share, in a pretty package.

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MSRP: $99.99

The Good The Tylt Energi 10K battery pack stores enough juice to charge a smartphone four times. Three USB ports lets you power multiple devices at once.

The Bad When reading the LED dots that show the battery’s remaining power, it's difficult to determine how much power you actually have left.

The Bottom Line The Tylt Energi 10K's beefy capacity, simple design, and a great price make it an excellent choice for anyone needing power on the go.

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8.0 Overall

Battery packs are far from exciting, but a reliable source of backup juice can mean oh so many precious hours of Piano Tiles on that long haul flight. And of all the options available, the Tylt Energi 10K stands out: its 10,400mAh rechargeable battery can charge your smartphone several times over, it can feed power to up to three devices simultaneously, and it looks pretty smart to boot -- all for a palatable $99.

You'll have to trade a hefty package for that power -- and the Energi 10K doesn't show off with any extra features like a flashlight -- but I'd prefer it over the many smaller, cheaper, and more versatile battery packs available. Indeed, if I were feeling especially generous (or packed my usual assortment of gear), I could use the three USB charging ports sitting on the battery pack's front edge simultaneously. Even better, one of those ports actually doles out twice the amperage of its siblings -- it's design for the hefty power needs of tablets, which would otherwise charge at a snail's pace. Those features make the Energi 10K a great choice for anyone who needs a lot of extra power on the go, but it's equally useful if you just need the occasional charge for your phone.

A simple package

The whole package is just shy of an inch thick and weighs in at about 290 grams, or just under half a pound. That's heavier than some battery packs you'll find, but it isn't onerous by any stretch, and right in line with the capacity. The Energi 10K is also kind of attractive, for a battery pack -- there's only so much you can do with a black plastic slab, but the blue band running along the center is a nice touch (also available in gray). The aforementioned USB charging ports sit on the front lip, alongside a micro-USB port for charging the battery pack. Their placement keeps them nice and accessible, and while the ports are labelled "iPhone / iPad ," rest assured that all of your devices are welcome.

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