Turtle Beach Ear Force PX21 Universal Gaming Headset review: Turtle Beach Ear Force PX21 Universal Gaming Headset

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MSRP: $80.00

The Good Stereo headset for game consoles; works with PlayStation Network and Xbox Live in-game chat; long 16-foot wire; RCA bypass-capable connections; in-line control box; adjustable boom mic; also works as a PC/Mac headset.

The Bad No support for surround sound; stereo analog connections only; may require a lot of unplugging if used with multiple devices.

The Bottom Line The Ear Force P21 headset may not support surround sound, but it is a solid stereo headset for voice chatting in Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 games.

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6.8 Overall
  • Design 7
  • Features 6
  • Performance 7

Gamers understand that you can't always get a solid gaming session in during the daytime hours. If you share your living space, the odds are you've had to wait until nightfall so that you can have uninterrupted gaming time. It's no wonder, then, that we've seen a spike in console-gaming headphones and headsets to accommodate those brave night owls.

Last year, we looked at the Turtle Beach Ear Force P21s. Though we liked the gaming headset, we wish it included Xbox 360 chat support. Turtle Beach has released an update to the P21s, the PX21s, and though they still don't support 5.1 surround sound, they do support PC, Mac, and Xbox 360 connections in addition to PlayStation 3.

If you're a gamer who needs universal compatibility but doesn't mind stereo-only playback, the $80 PX21s will probably satisfy all of your gaming and voice chat needs.

The PX21s are all black plastic and have an adjustable padded headband that connects the earcups, which are covered in a shiny black shell. Each cup is cushioned with a mesh cloth that we found comfortable over long rounds of gaming.

When held, the headset feels a bit cheap, especially where the earcups attach to the headband. There's a certain hollow characteristic to them, which fortunately did not carry over to the headset's overall performance.

Its boom mic protrudes out from the left earcup. It's quite long and completely adjustable, so you'll have no trouble getting it placed perfectly. We really liked the fact that the boom can swivel 360 degrees out of sight when not in use.

We really liked the fully adjustable boom mic with its ambient noise reduction.

The connecting wire has an in-line control box, which can be clipped onto your clothing. On the box, you'll find various switches and knobs that let you mute the mic, and control chat, game, and bass volume. There's also an Expander mode that tries to give you fuller overall sound. However, we enjoyed our game time better with the mode turned off. The box also has an included Xbox controller attachment wire for use when chatting while playing a game.

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