Quick Take: If you thought that you've seen all the accessories out there for the Apple iPod Nano, you'd be wrong. The Tunebuckle integrates your Nano into an aluminum belt buckle. Available in your choice of black or white and in a variety of sizes, the Tunebuckle is fairly simple to use. Just click your iPod into the hollow belt buckle and tighten the hold--you're ready to bring your tunes wherever you go. For the belt, Tunebuckle uses supple bonded leather that flexes easily and features red contrast stitching. All the Nano's buttons are easily accessible, and there's even a cutout slot on the left side for headphones. When placed into the buckle, the player is fairly secure, but unfortunately, Tunebuckle offers no faceplate protection, so it's up to you to keep the Nano out of harm's way. For $59.95, Tunebuckle may not thrill you with its value and functionality, but we're sure that some fashion-forward users will appreciate its design.