The TouchPico projector solves your small screen woes

The TouchPico projector and sensor takes your favorite Android apps from a small screen to a wall or table.

Megan Wollerton Former Senior Writer/Editor
Watch this: Touchjet TouchPico's pocket projector adds stylus functionality

Singapore-based company Touchjet unveiled a new $500 projector and sensor at CES 2014 called TouchPico. This all-in-one portable gizmo can download apps from Google Play and project them on a wall or other flat surface using infrared tech. Basically, it takes an app from the confines of a smaller screen to a 60-inch space on an obliging wall or table.

TouchPico promises to project your favorite Android apps (pictures)

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That opens up opportunities for families to play games together. It also seems like it would be a cool collaborative tool for schools and businesses. TouchPico offers pinpoint accuracy and functions a lot like the smartphone and tablet touch screens you're used to. The one exception is that it comes with a dedicated stylus. So, it isn't a true touch screen, but it is responsive like one.

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Keep in mind that this device is totally Android-based. So, if you have a strong preference for iOS apps, TouchPico is not for you. Units start shipping in June 2014 and they will set you back $500 a pop. Touchjet also announced a $150 sensor-only product called DroidBox that can attach to any regular projector and do the same thing as TouchPico.