Toshiba SD-490 review: Toshiba SD-490

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The Good Good upscaling performance; impressive picture quality; slim design.

The Bad Tiny display; no USB port.

The Bottom Line With its great picture quality and impressive upscaling performance, the Toshiba SD-490 is a stylish option for those who aren't interested in making the move to Blu-ray just yet

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8.3 Overall

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Although Blu-ray players are starting to fall in price, they're still a good deal more expensive than DVD players. With the SD-490, which can be picked up for under £50, Toshiba is targeting those who aren't yet interested in Blu-ray but are looking for a stylish player with good 1080p-upscaling capabilities to help them make the most of their existing DVD collection.

Slim and sexy
As DVD decks go, the SD-490 is something of a looker. At a mere 42mm tall, it's one of the slimmest players currently on the market. Its short stature does, however, mean there's only room for a tiny, one-line, four-digit display, which can't show very much information. In fact, it can't even show 'no disc' when there's nothing in the drive -- just 'no' appears on the display. Nevertheless, the SD-490's slim dimensions, along with the tasteful black and silver finish, mean it looks quite sleek and sexy, and that's saying something for a deck that costs less than £50.

The SD-490's budget nature is evident when it comes to the remote, though. It feels rather plasticky, and the matte finish isn't exactly classy. But it's small enough to fit comfortably in the hand; the button layout is good, so your thumb rests above all the important controls; and we like the way there's a dedicated HDMI button that lets you cycle through the output options, from standard definition all the way up to upscaled 1080p.

Around the back, the SD-490 isn't exactly laden with outputs, but it has enough to get the job done. You'll find an RGB Scart socket and composite video out, along with a pair of analogue stereo phono plugs and a coaxial digital audio output for hooking the player up to a surround-sound amp. There are no component sockets, so, if you're connecting it to an HD Ready flat-screen TV, your only option is the HDMI port. As the HDMI port produces better-quality output anyway, it's hardly a major limitation.

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