The Satellite M100/M105 series is Toshiba's offering for budget-conscious consumers with the occasional need to work away from their desks. While the M100's internal components and lid colors (teal, copper, or gray) are customizable, the M105 is only available in preconfigured versions that include different parts but the same gray lid. The portable's 5.2-pound starting weight is equal to the older Satellite M55's, the system it replaces. However, Toshiba has updated the M100/M105's case with optional biometric security (a fingerprint sensor) and other new specs, such as Intel Core Solo and Duo processors running from 1.66GHz to 2.16GHz; fast 533MHz memory ranging from 256MB to 1GB; average-speed 5,400rpm hard drives measuring between 40GB and a huge 120GB; an integrated Intel 950 graphics chipset; a DVD/CD-RW drive or double-layer DVD burner; a 14.1-inch wide-aspect display with an average 1,280x768 native resolution; 802.11a/b/g wireless cards from Intel or Atheros; and optional Bluetooth + EDR.

Our tests of the Satellite M55 revealed that the laptop satisfies in both speed and battery life, and we expect more of the same from the similar Satellite M100/M105. For more information on this model line, read our full review of the Satellite M55-S325.