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Toshiba Satellite L875-10G review: Toshiba Satellite L875-10G

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The Good Powerful processor for the price; good gaming performance; comfortable keyboard and trackpad; affordable price.

The Bad screen is not Full HD.

The Bottom Line The Toshiba Satellite L875-10G gives a good performance for both office tasks and gaming and doesn't break the bank. The screen may not be Full HD but that's just about forgivable for the price.

Visit manufacturer site for details.

8.8 Overall

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Some laptops are designed to be super-thin portable machines that you can carry anywhere, while others are enormous things that belong at home. The Toshiba Satellite L875-10G is one of the latter.

It's a 17.3-inch machine packing an Intel Core i5 processor, an impressive 8GB of RAM and a dedicated AMD Radeon graphics card. It's just begging to be your bedroom media pal, and with a very reasonable price of only £680, it might not be a bad idea to take it up on that offer.

Design and build quality

Need a laptop for carrying around and working on the go? Move along, chum, this isn't the machine for you. With its 17.3-inch screen, the L875 stretches the definitions of portable. It measures a not inconsiderable 413mm across and 268mm deep so you'll struggle to find a shoulder bag big enough to accommodate it.

Toshiba Satellite L875-10G angled left
The steel-blue styling is a welcome change from the legions of grey-clad laptops out there.

That's fine because at around 2.7kg, you're unlikely to want to carry it anywhere. Rather than attempt to use it as a portable work machine, the L875 is better sat on your desk as a replacement for a desktop computer. Anchored there, the 17-inch screen can be put to good use playing back all your films and music.

The lid is clad in a brushed aluminium shell that's been given an attractive steel-blue colour. That may or may not appeal, but it's certainly nice to see something other than the usual shades of grey.

The metal offers the benefit of making the laptop seem more premium than if it were simply made of plastic. There's quite a lot of flex in the lid though, so don't think that the metal acts as a suit of armour -- it'll still succumb to a terrible fate if you happen to drop it from a decent height.

Toshiba Satellite L875-10G lid
Despite being made from aluminium, the lid shows signs of flex if you give it a good wrestle.

Of course, if it's going to spend 95 per cent of its time on your desk or lap while reclining on the sofa, then hardcore durability really isn't a concern. For the job it's designed for, it's built perfectly well.

Around the sides you'll find one USB 2.0 port, two USB 3.0 slots, Ethernet and HDMI sockets, VGA-out and headphone and microphone jacks.

Keyboard and trackpad

Under the lid you'll find more of that blue brushed metal on the large wrist rest. The keyboard is a standard black plastic affair with square, isolated keys that are well spaced. They're easy to press, which results in a comfortable typing experience with few mistakes.

One annoying aspect though is the half-sized arrow keys. Considering the vast amount of room Toshiba has to play with on the keyboard tray, there's absolutely no excuse for using space-saving arrow keys. If you often use these to scroll through documents or web pages, it's likely you'll find these as irritating as I did.

Toshiba Satellite L875-10G keyboard
Ample space means there's plenty of room to spread out the keyboard, so why the annoying mini arrow keys?

The trackpad is particularly big and wide, which is good to see, considering the enormous size of the machine. If it were too small, I would most certainly have complained. It's got a rough texture that makes sliding your finger around very easy. It's responsive too, and the large buttons beneath offer a comfortable click, making for a pleasing experience overall. Of course, plugging in a USB mouse would make scrolling easier.

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