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Toshiba Satellite L775 review: Toshiba Satellite L775

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The Good Fast processor; impressive screen; good keyboard; solid build quality.

The Bad Screen doesn't have a 1080p resolution; gaming performance isn't great.

The Bottom Line Gaming isn't the forte of our version of the Toshiba Satellite L775, the L775-119. In most other areas, though, this is a fine 17.3-inch laptop, offering a great screen, comfortable keyboard and speedy performance.

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8.3 Overall

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Toshiba is the BMW of the laptop world. Its machines tend to be rather large and bulky, but they're solidly made and generally fun to use. The Satellite L775 is a good example. It's a pretty hefty machine, with a 17.3-inch screen, but it's not lacking in performance, thanks to its beefy Intel Core i5 processor.

Our model, the L775-119, will set you back around £580.

Spine crusher

Measuring 414 by 38 by 270mm, and weighing a not insubstantial 2.8kg, the L775 certainly isn't a laptop you'll want to carry around everywhere.

It does look pretty slick, though. We love the diamond pattern on the glossy lid and keyboard surround. The pattern is complemented pleasantly by the carbon-fibre-style effect used above the keyboard, framing the speakers and power button. The elongated speaker grilles look ace too.

Sensibly, although the trackpad sits flush with the keyboard surround, Toshiba has added a roughened texture to it to make it more tactile. This approach works a treat.

The keys on the L775's keyboard are flat and wide but packed tightly together. The keyboard works extremely well -- it feels solid, comfortable and fast to type on.

The best feature of this laptop is undoubtedly its screen. At 17.3 inches, it's very large, but it's also incredibly bright, and the glossy coating helps colours to really grab your attention. Black levels are also deep and inky, so movies look very cinematic.

The wide, flat keys are comfortable to type on.

Although the screen's resolution is high, at 1,600x900 pixels, it's not quite a Full HD 1080p resolution -- something offered on some of the L775's rivals. Nevertheless, this model only has a standard DVD writer, rather than the Blu-ray drive found on higher-end models in the L775 range, so the screen's resolution isn't a massive issue, as you're unlikely to stream all that many 1080p trailers from the Web.

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