Toshiba Satellite A105

The Toshiba Satellite A105 is virtually identical to the Satellite M45, but with a sleeker case and slightly fresher component options.

Toshiba Satellite A105 series

The Toshiba Satellite A100/105 series includes the customizable Satellite A100 and several fixed configurations of the Satellite A105 model. An update to the Satellite M45, the Satellite A100/A105 features a slightly different case, with sleek rounded edges and a black lid. The laptop includes a few modest component updates as well; options for the Satellite A100/A105 include Celeron M and Pentium M (but not the latest Intel Core Solo or Duo) processors in speeds up to 2.26GHz; between 256MB and 2GB of speedy 533MHz SDRAM; moderate 5,400rpm hard drives in capacities ranging from 40GB to 100GB; a DVD/CD-RW drive or a double-layer DVD burner; a wide 15.4-inch display with a 1,280x800 native resolution; and various types of Wi-Fi cards. When we tested the Satellite M45-S165, we found it had respectable features and an economical price, but it suffered from abysmal battery life. Find out more in our full review of the Toshiba Satellite M45-S165.