Toshiba Regza CV (32CV711B) review: Toshiba Regza CV (32CV711B)

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The Good Low price tag;. Reasonably stylish design.

The Bad Disappointing EPG;. Pictures and sound could be more refined.

The Bottom Line The 32-inch Toshiba Regza CV 32CV711B lacks the range of inputs and refined picture quality you'd expect from a main TV, but it might be a good bet for a second telly for the kitchen or bedroom.

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6.5 Overall

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The Regza CV 32CV711B is an entry-level 32-inch TV from Toshiba that has an HD Ready, rather than Full HD, resolution and a pretty limited range of features. The LCD TV can be bought online for around £290, which makes it one of the cheapest big-brand 32-inchers around.

Falling short of ports

Measuring 95mm deep, the set is far from slim. To be fair, Toshiba has managed to mask some of the extra girth by stepping the depth of the rear of the set. When you catch a glimpse of the set from the side, it looks much thinner than it really is. The design is also pleasingly curvy from the front and the glossy black finish is complemented nicely by a silver flash that runs across the bottom of the front bezel.

Unfortunately, Toshiba has been rather stingy when it comes to ports, indicating perhaps that it expects this TV to be used as a second set in the bedroom or kitchen rather than as the main lounge TV. For starters, there are just two HDMI inputs when most sets these days have at least three. More of an issue, however, is the lack of component inputs.

While most high-definition AV devices now come with HDMI ports, there are older devices, including the original Xbox 360 models, that only output HD via component cables. So, if you own one of these devices, you won't be able to use it with this set. The TV also lacks an optical audio output, so you can't feed audio from the on-board Freeview tuner to an external surround-sound system. Nevertheless, Toshiba has included two Scart sockets and a VGA input, the latter allowing you to use the TV with a computer, as a monitor.

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