Toshiba Regza 46RV600A

The Toshiba 46RV600A is a 46-inch LCD television that features a 3000:1 native contrast and a full-HD picture.

Philip Wong Associate Editor
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Philip Wong
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As the second-highest tier in Toshiba's Regza LCD line-up, the 46RV600A comes surprisingly close to its flagship 47ZV600A in terms of theoretical performance and basic features. Both lines are neck and neck in dynamic contrast and quantity of HDMI inputs, while the 46RV600A drops the 200Hz scanning backlight, Resolution+ advanced video upscaling and Regza woofers for a nice AU$400 saving. If you just want a no-frills panel with a strong focus on fundamentals, this 46-incher might be a good choice.


The 46RV600A delivers a full-HD resolution, 50,000:1 dynamic contrast ratio and the AutoView function of the higher-end 47ZV600A. AutoView is a new addition for Toshiba panels designed to provide optimal picture quality out-of-the-box under any room lighting condition. This is implemented utilising both light sensor feedback and real-time content analysis to fine-tune backlighting and other settings. However, the 46RV600E lacks the 47ZV600A's geeky histogram which displays live measurement of on-board sensors for technically inclined users — something interesting, but more for show.

The similarities between the two models continue with SRS Audyssey EQ and integrated JPEG playback via USB input. The former is an acoustic correction system that factors in room compensation and some TV design constraints to optimise the sound quality of the integrated speakers. Although the 47ZV600A has a USB port as well as an SDHC card slot for photo viewing, we're expecting the 46RV600E to match the blazing-fast 2ms playback speed and crisp on-screen images. Rounding up the unit are four HDMI 1.3 terminals (one side) with 24p film compatibility and an increasingly rare S-Video jack for legacy camcorders.


It's hard to dismiss the Regza's less-than-ideal resolution support through its analog PC input. Toshiba is one of the few remaining vendors which skipped 1080p signal compliance for this standard computer interface, resulting in softer text and graphics due to redundant on-board video upscaling. Nevertheless, you can connect a laptop to this panel if you own a recent set with HDMI to garner full-HD clarity, though we would have preferred both options.


Despite its no-frills proposition, the Toshiba Regza 46RV600E is a promising large-screen LCD TV with most of the audio-visual fundamentals covered for only AU$2749. For couch potatoes or movie buffs not particularly interested in the latest bells and whistles, this set is a fine choice for everyday entertainment needs.