Toshiba Portege G910 review: Toshiba Portege G910

The Good Design; screen; Qwerty keyboard; connectivity/features.

The Bad Screen; design; camera; performance; volume; battery.

The Bottom Line The Toshiba Portege G910 clamshell design is relatively large but still has some functionality in a closed state due to its front control system. For consumers, it's maybe too fiddly in operation and not the quickest performer. On the flip side, business users should appreciate the powerful features, widescreen display and large Qwerty keyboard, which can be used to a certain degree on a flat surface for two-handed typing

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7.5 Overall

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The first thing you'll notice about the Toshiba Portege G910 is its design: it bears a striking resemblance to a cigarette lighter case and its faux leather finish will not look out of place at the local golf club. Hidden beneath the exterior lies a wealth of features, but does its performance score a hole in one?

It's currently available SIM-free for around £435.

Due to its clamshell design, the G910 is bulky. Still, considering the device weighs only 183g, sports a large Qwerty keyboard and widescreen display, it could be much worse.

The G910 is also adorned with strips of faux leather to complement its grey finish, which also helps protect and steady the device when placed on a desk. When in a closed state, the G910 has a small directional pad, phone buttons and an LCD screen at the front for displaying the time and controlling certain Windows applications.

Opening up the device displays a fairly large 76mm (3-inch) widescreen display -- which can be angled backwards -- and this is joined by several shortcut touch-sensitive buttons to the side for opening up applications. Beneath the screen lies a large Qwerty keyboard -- ideal for business users and offering good feedback. We could almost use the device two-handed when placed on a desk, though it was still a touch slippery.

From a features/connectivity point of view, all the right boxes have been ticked. The G910 packs in 128MB RAM (48MB free), 256MB ROM (127MB free), plus dual Wi-Fi with VoIP support, HSDPA, Bluetooth, a biometric fingerprint reader and an internal GPS receiver. For the latter, we downloaded Google Earth and found that the receiver could lock on to our position outdoors in approximately one and a half minutes from a cold start. There's a GPRS data utility included to help speed this up.

Apart from the standard Windows applications, you'll find a Picsel viewer for PDF documents, an additional Opera Web browser, image-text software for reading back text from photos, business cards or newspapers, and a fingerprint reader utility which can be used to assign fingerprints to launch applications.

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