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Toshiba NB200 review: Toshiba NB200

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The Good Relatively fast processor; stylish design; good keyboard and screen.

The Bad Pricey.

The Bottom Line The Toshiba NB200 offers up pretty much everything a good netbook should, and then chucks in a couple of extras, such as a shock-protected hard drive and a USB port that can charge mobile devices when the netbook's turned off or asleep

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8.8 Overall

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Toshiba's first stab at a netbook, the NB100, was on the boxy side, and suffered from specs that were slightly out-of-date by the time it launched. With the slicker-looking NB200, Toshiba is looking to make up lost ground.

There are five configurations available: the £300 NB200-10G, the £325 NB200-11L, and the £350 NB200-11H, NB200-10Z (reviewed here) and NB200-110. With a price that puts it at the premium end of the netbook market, does the NB200 have the specs to match?

The NB200 is a big step up from the unappealing NB100 in terms of design. It's a great deal slimmer, measuring a mere 25mm thick, and our model sports a rather fetching copper-coloured finish on the lid. Inside, the netbook is equally stylish, with a silver keyboard and wrist rest.

The keyboard uses flat, calculator-style keys, but they feel very responsive and, as there's a decent amount of space between them, they're easy to use for touch typing. The layout is good too, with the narrow tab and caps lock keys the only compromises that have had to be made due to the NB200's smallish dimensions. The trackpad is one of the biggest we've seen on a netbook yet and, although it's wider than it is tall, this doesn't affect its usability. Below the trackpad, Toshiba has, thankfully, gone for two dedicated buttons, rather than the single rocker-type button that's starting to find its way onto some rival machines.

The trackpad is one of the largest we've seen on a netbook so far

Although the screen isn't up there with the high-resolution display found on Acer's larger Aspire One 751, it's still impressive. It may only measure 10.1 inches diagonally, but the 1,024x600-pixel resolution means text and graphics look very crisp. It's also very bright and, although the glossy coating won't be to everyone's taste (it's reflection-prone), it makes pictures and videos look beautifully vivid.

Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connectivity are also present, plus there's a VGA port for hooking it up to a monitor or flat-screen telly. You also get three USB ports. The one on the left-hand side can be set via software to remain powered while the NB200 is asleep or completely turned off. This is a brilliant feature, as it lets you charge devices like mobile phones and MP3 players without having to keep the NB200 powered up.

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