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Toshiba NB100 review: Toshiba NB100

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The Good Attractive glossy finish on lid; good screen.

The Bad Plasticky feel; small keyboard; no Bluetooth.

The Bottom Line The Toshiba NB100 has its good points, such as its impressive TruBrite display and good battery life, but the cramped keyboard and lack of Bluetooth support are big letdowns

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7.5 Overall

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While others manufacturers wasted no time in jumping on the netbook bandwagon, Toshiba has taken an absolute age to get its own Intel Atom-powered machine on the market. But, with the NB100, has Toshiba learned from the mistakes of others or simply repeated the sins of the past?

Four versions of the NB100 are available. The low-end NB100-11R costs around £220, while the highest-specced NB100-139 costs around £350. Here we review the £285 NB100-128.

Instead of opting for the playful, toy-like styling of the Asus Eee PC range, Toshiba has given the NB100 a much more professional-looking design. Our model sported a stylish, glossy, champagne-coloured lid, combined with a more sober matte black finish on the screen bezel and keyboard.

The 8.9-inch display is also a departure from the netbook norm, as it uses Toshiba's TruBrite technology. This means the screen is lit by an LED backlight and has a glossier finish on the front. Both help the display to produce richer and more vivid colours, making it ideal for watching video clips or viewing photos.

The NB100 follows the usual netbook specification quite closely, with a 1.6GHz Atom processor backed up by 1GB of RAM -- enough to comfortably run Windows XP -- and a fairly roomy 120GB hard drive.

The NB100 comes in silver, black and champagne versions, all of which have an attractive, glossy lid

Unfortunately, the netbook refused to complete our PCMark05 tests, but, in terms of day-to-day use, it performed pretty much in line with the other 1.6GHz Atom-equipped netbooks that we've used recently. This means it's fine for emailing and Web surfing, but hasn't really got the grunt for more taxing tasks, like playing back 720p high-definition video files. It's exceptionally quiet during use, with very little fan noise audible.

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