Toshiba's gigabeat series of MP3 players is back with the X60, a 60GB music player that picks up from where last year's F60 left off. The biggest improvement with the X60 is with its size - the X60 is smaller and lighter than its F60 predecessor, but actually comes with a larger 2.4-inch colour screen.

The rest of the player's features, however, are quite similar to last year's model. The X60 still sports the same cross-shaped navigation button, and can read MP3, WMA and WAV music files, as well as display digital images. The X60 is available in a metallic black case, while its 30GB cousin (the X30) is available in white or red. Battery life is still rated at 16 hours playtime. The X60 also still uses Toshiba's proprietary gigabeat room software to transfer music, images and files, with the popular CD RipRec feature (which allowed users to rip a CD directly to the player) making a return. Other features include 28 user selectable equaliser settings, multiple colour screen design options for personalisation, USB recharging and more.

AU$569 puts the gigabeat X60 into iPod territory (AU$598 for the 60GB version), and on paper the comparison is not flattering. The lack of video playback on the Toshiba lessens its value proposition, as does the lower battery life (the iPod 60GB is rated at 20 hours playback).

We also weren't fans of gigabeat room, as you can see in our review of the F60. Hopefully Toshiba has made some software tweaks to make it more user-friendly.

The Toshiba gigabeat X60 looks to be another solid offering, but it offers less than some of its competitors for the price. Look for our full review of the X60 soon.