Toshiba G450 review: Toshiba G450

As well as the phone features, the device can also act as a pretty decent-sounding MP3 player so you can listen to tunes via the supplied stereo hands-free headset. You can also switch it into U-disk mode, to use it as a standard USB storage device.

Unfortunately, using the G450 as a normal phone is a torturous experience. The keypad and controls are ridiculously complicated to use. Moving through the phone's functions, including the MP3 player, involves using two rocker switches on either side of the phone. Each button performs a different function depending on what part of the menu system you're in at any one time, which is annoying. Even after using the phone for a while navigating to the right menu option is still a process of trial and error.

Things aren't helped by the tiny 96x39-pixel screen, as it's so small that every function requires a ridiculous amount of scrolling because there's simply not enough room to fit a sensible amount of text on the screen at any one time.

The phone side of the device also lacks basic features such as email support and a camera. It also only has a 160MB of free storage space, which means its USB disk mode isn't all that useful.

More disappointing is the absence of Bluetooth support. We're sure many people would prefer to be able to use the modem as a wireless device, rather than having to constantly carry around the USB cable. Bluetooth's slower data rate may stop you reaching the maximum data rate on some mobile connections, but it's a compromise that most people would be willing to make when they're out on the road.

Toshiba's aim with the G450 was to produce a HSDPA modem that was more useful than the standard mobile Internet USB dongle. However, it's debatable whether it's achieved what it set out to do, as although it works well as a HSDPA modem, it's a pig to use as a normal phone or MP3 player.

Edited by Shannon Doubleday

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