Toshiba DV (22DV714B) review: Toshiba DV (22DV714B)

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The Good Good picture quality; stylish design; built-in DVD player.

The Bad Poor EPG; very slow to change channels.

The Bottom Line The 22-inch Toshiba 22DV714B is an attractive TV that offers decent picture quality and a space-saving, integrated DVD player. If you don't mind its disappointing interface, it could make a good secondary telly.

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6.5 Overall

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The Toshiba 22DV714B is a 22-inch, HD Ready, portable LCD TV with a built-in DVD player. Designed to be used in the kitchen or bedroom, you can pick it up for around £260.

Fat but stylish

The TV looks very stylish. It's finished in glossy white rather than the shiny black that we're accustomed to seeing. While the set is quite porky, at 66mm thick, Toshiba has managed to hide much of this girth -- the TV is thinner at the edges and gets progressively deeper towards the middle.

The integrated stand lets you tilt the screen forwards and backwards, but you can't swivel it. That's hardly a big issue on a set like this, though -- it's light enough to be picked up and repositioned with one hand.

The 22DV714B only has a standard-definition Freeview tuner, so you don't get access to the high-definition services from the BBC, ITV and Channel 4. Tuning in the channels is a relatively swift process.

Once the tuning is completed, you'll find that the electronic programme guide uses a traditional bricks-in-the-wall layout, rather than the vertical layout found on some of Toshiba's other recent sets. Unfortunately, the EPG is rather sluggish and, when you switch channels in the EPG, the TV automatically retunes to that channel, which means you can't quickly skip around the guide to see what's coming up on different channels.

Another problem with the EPG is that there's no 'now and next' feature. Instead, pressing the 'info' button on the remote only shows information about the current programme you're watching. Changing channels is also a very, very slow process. It takes between 4 and 6 seconds just for the TV to switch to an adjacent channel, which is very annoying.

The TV's electronic programme guide is irritatingly sluggish.

Nevertheless, for a portable TV, the set has a decent line-up of ports. There are two HDMI sockets (one on the rear and one on the side), as well as a Scart socket, composite input and set of component connectors. There's also a VGA connector so you can use the TV as a monitor with a PC, and an optical digital audio output so you can feed audio from the internal Freeview tuner to an external amp. The side of the set is home to a USB port. This can be used for playing MP3 music files or viewing photos, but, sadly, doesn't support video playback.

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