Toshiba 46HM84

Toshiba's 46HM84 is a 46-inch DLP projection TV. It has a relatively thin 15.25-inch cabinet, with silver speakers attached at the sides. The 46HM84 is currently available with a list price of $3,500, although it can be found for less online. Toshiba also offers the similar 52-inch 52HM84 and 62-inch 62HM84 with list prices of $4,000 and $4,500, respectively.

Upside: The 46HM84 has a native resolution of 1,280x720, which means it can display every pixel of 720p HDTV. It includes an average set of inputs and outputs, which are highlighted by an HDMI port and two component-video inputs.

Downside: The 46HM84 doesn't have an HDTV tuner or a CableCard slot, so you'll need an extra set-top box if you want to receive HDTV or digital cable signals. It also lacks the computer input found on Samsung DLP TVs, for example. And as with any DLP TV, be aware that some people may notice rainbow effects.

Outlook: While not as slim and stylish as a plasma, the 46HM84 might be a good option for someone who doesn't need a flat-panel TV. Keep in mind that it will have to compete with other (relatively) low-cost DLPs, such as the Samsung HLP4663W. The Samsung offers a computer input and costs a bit less, but the Toshiba uses a supposedly superior DLP chip (an HD2+ vs. the Samsung's HD3 chip). We won't know how that affects its image quality compared to the Samsung until we review both sets, however.