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Toshiba 32L6353 Remote Control TV
The buttons on the remote control feel spongy.
Unlike the L7365 that I reviewed recently, this model doesn't have a satellite tuner onboard. Instead it only has a Freeview HD tuner, which isn’t surprising given its low price tag. It does let you record TV shows from the tuner directly to the USB drive, but you can’t watch one channel while recording another as you can on some of Panasonic and Samsung's higher-end TVs.

The TV has excellent connectivity for a set in this price range though, as Toshiba has included four HDMI ports, one of which supports MHL so it can charge mobile devices when they're connected via a micro-USB to HDMI cable. It has both Ethernet and Wi-Fi built-in and the Wi-Fi chip supports WiDi so you can mirror the screens of compatible laptops to the TV. It doesn’t support Miracast though -- a similar technology for smart phones.

On the rear you'll find a full-sized Scart socket as well as component inputs and an optical digital output. The set has a VGA socket too, something that's a rarity on most of today's TVs, and there are two USB ports.

Audio quality

The 32L6353's audio quality is distinctly average. It's got enough volume to fill a decent sized room thanks to its two 10W speakers, but unlike many of today's sets there's no mini-woofer integrated into the rear to help out on the bass front. As a result, its audio sounds boxy and wooden as the speakers haven’t got enough low-end grunt to produce convincingly deep bass tones.

Toshiba 32L6353 Remote Control TV
Bass through the 32L6353's speakers sounds wooden.
It lacks fizz in the higher registers too, giving audio a compressed, squashed feel to it. Nevertheless, it's reasonably strong in the mid-range, so dialogue in movies or soaps sound fine.

Picture quality

Given the price, I wasn't exactly expecting great things from the 32L6353 in terms of picture quality, especially as Toshiba's pricier L7365 was a pretty average performer in this department. The good news though, is that despite a few niggles, this model manages to produce a pretty punchy performance when you take into account its low price tag.

Toshiba's picture presets aren't half bad, especially the three Hollywood modes that are designed for day and nighttime movie viewing, so you don’t have to make lots of picture adjustments to get good results from it.

Colours are on the whole quite perky with natural hues, although skin tones can sometimes look a little on the yellow side, something that's not easy to get rid of using the picture controls. Sharpness levels are good though, and even standard definition sources, such as channels from the Freeview tuner, tend to look reasonably crisp. This is no doubt helped by the relatively small screen size on this model. I found it was best to leave Toshiba's Resolution+ upscaling system turned off, as all it seems to do is add in unnecessary sharpening to the picture, which increases image noise.

Toshiba 32L6353 Remote Control TV
The Resolution + system is best left turned off.

The main problem with the set is that its black levels aren't all that deep and its backlight is uneven so you can see some misting in the corners of the display during darker scenes, something you can’t get rid of without robbing the screen of its brightness.

On the whole, though, the 32L6353 performs better than expected in the picture department for a TV that comes in at under £350.


Toshiba's 32L6353 is nicely priced, produces pretty perky pictures and has a stylish design. Its smart TV system and overall user interface, however, is sluggish.

Sony's KDL-32W653 only costs around £40 more, but when we tested the 42-inch version of that set we found it had significantly better picture quality and a smart TV system with a better selection of apps. We've no reason to believe the 32-inch version performs any differently to its larger brother so ultimately, if you can afford the extra outlay we'd go for the 32-inch version of model instead.

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