Toshiba 22DV615Y LCD TV/DVD Combo review: Toshiba 22DV615Y LCD TV/DVD Combo

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One interesting feature that Toshiba offers via redemption on the 19- and 22-inch models is an inverter for car-based use. The idea is that you might want to watch TV when out camping or similar. Our first — and most dangerous — thought was that somebody, somewhere, will try to use this to turn the 22DV615Y into an in-car DVD player. It's a bad idea, and we've kept it this way so you don't have to make it a reality.


Digital TV playback was pretty crisp, but wasn't immune to a bit of screen judder, especially on Ten's ONE HD. An NCAA Football game showed a fair bit of shimmer and judder up close, although predictably moving away from the TV made this a lot less evident.

The same visual characteristics displayed themselves in DVD playback. If you're planning on having this unit on a kitchen bench or in a playroom where you're going to be close to it, it's quite noticeable, but if you're likely to be further away — say, a bedroom TV where you're not sitting quite so close — it's much less of a problem.

The Toshiba's in-built speakers have decent but not great dynamic range, with a lot of gradation between distinct volume levels.

We did hit some problems using the 22DV615Y as a PC monitor via VGA, as getting a decent resolution supported both by the screen and our graphics card proved something of a chore. PC screen duty is arguably a bit of a marginal case for what's intended to be an entertainment product, but it's still worth keeping in mind that you can't push the screen resolution past 60Hz or 1366x768.

There's an obvious appeal in having a secondary TV with its own in-built DVD playback facility, whether you're thinking for personal use or to entertain the kids. Clearly you could buy a cheaper 22-inch panel and plug in a cheap DVD player to the same effect, but if the combo idea appeals to you, the 22DV615Y is a good quality product to consider.

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